Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manifestos To Help You Stay Motivated and Focused

With the start of any journey you need to know which direction you are going. But, as with most journeys, there are obstacles, challenges, and distractions along the way and everyone needs a little motivation to stay the course. It's easy to jump off and revert back to the simple ways. Who said life was easy? Aside from writing everyday, regardless what your own journey is, everyone I think should read every day as well. 

Read. Read. Read. 

A newspaper, magazine article, short story, a few chapters in a book, the process of consuming information through reading is beneficial through and through. Each sentence consumed adds to your mental growth, your wisdom, and to your creative juices. The mind is the most powerful thing in nature, why waste it?

Aside from books I have found recently that manifestos that other people have written to motivate themselves and others are very, very good. Each one has their own voice, own focus, and own message to help you in whatever challenges you are trying to overcome. Staying true to Geek To Author I will be sharing all these resources I found helpful in my journey. This list will grow by leaps and bounds as I expand my craft.

I hope that you can find one or two words of encouragement that helps you to take those extra steps.

Time to turn the page...

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