Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keeping Your Writing Organized Across Many Devices And Mediums

The world is full of devices. Phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, notebooks of all shapes and sizes filling out bags and our desks. Write everyday, that's the goal. But like me, a full career, family, babies having the time to write let alone writing in the same place is hard to come by. So I use many methods to write but I have made my life far more complicated trying to keep it all straight.

I started out and still have a leather bound notebook where I put my story and character ideas into. I have a whole shelf of other notebooks standing by as I fill this one up. I also write a significant amount on my iPad using a few different apps that all sync/save to Dropbox. For the finalization I use Scrivener on my Mac. In Scrivener is where I pull in my Dropbox files and transcribe my scribbles from my notebooks and scrap papers into various project binders within the application.

However, it's inefficient now. The ideal method to use one computer, one app for all the writing doesn't work for me. I don't know where or when I will get a change to put down a few hundred words.

The other problem is if I am not working on a solid project, I may be starting to drafting out ideas for a few others. Some ideas look good in a summary but until you get into the flow you as a writer won't know if you can 'feel' it or not.

Get a central location for consolidating your work, for me that's Scrivener. Use templates for character development and expand the templates as you expand your skills of character building. The same goes for settings and plot flows.

No one can tell you how to do it, your brain works differently than mine. What I can suggest is whatever system of creative organization you adopt, be consistent. Because you may end up doing what I did and am still trying to shake off. You'll spend more time trying to organize your creations and realize that you aren't spending enough time to create to use your system.

Write, organize, produce.

Time to turn the page.

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