Thursday, July 19, 2012

Focus Has Turned Into Accomplishment!

Well I finally did it. I broke through all the F.U.D. (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) and put out there a piece of work. A 5,600 word short story I have been sketching up, re-structuring, editing, re-writing for months. A short story! Everything I read about writing and getting started, I ran into. The fear of criticism, the feelings of the work not being good enough, the inability to let it go, I felt it all.

I broke out and looked back to things I wrote a year or more ago, especially the goals I had set for myself. Disappointment turned to internal embarrassment to see how little I actually have done to where I wanted to be. That's when I kicked myself in the butt and changed my approach.

Scheduling, focus, cutting out demotivators, getting energized about writing and creating my worlds and forcing myself to let it go. One night I just sat down for 4 hours and edited the crap out of my story and released it to the world. I have been putting out on several fiction sharing sites, creative criticism sites, and the feedback I received was unexpected. Positive! I am my worst critic and I will always say a piece of work I create whether it's an IT related component, photograph, or story can be better. In retrospect, I feel even more silly that I dragged on for months with F.U.D. as my anchor when I cranked out the finished product in 4 hours of hard core, no distraction focus.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I will proceed with my next larger project that I will call Perspectives. A future blog post will detail out what Perspectives will be, how I think it's different and the components that it will consist of. 

If you want to read my short story you can see it here. Please do and feedback is always welcome and appreciated.  Temporal Enforcers

Time to turn the page.... and write the next chapter.

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