Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Geek Is Struggling Getting To The Author

I admit that when I decided to try out being a Geek to Author I thought it would be easier than it really is. I am no where near the writer that I wanted to be. My struggle has been and still is over analyzing my plans, flows, designs of the story and doing less and less writing. So I can't be an author unless I write.

I still read tons and have expanded the genres to help get me motivated and to get me understanding what works and what doesn't in story telling. Yet my actual writing discipline has been atrocious. Even my posts on this blog has been awful.

Even as I write this I have that fire to create through words. The stories that I have written, some I posted, some I have not, I think are great and fun. It drives me insane to see people like Hugh Howey that wrote as a side hobby and hit it big with his Wool series. By the way, if you like dystopian sci-fi, the Wool series are some of the best stories out there. They are short stories/novellas and very worth checking it out.

Anyway, the Geek is still here. The Geek is still writing, reading, studying, trying to balance work, life and this new ambition. I will crack it out.

I have plans, plots, character sketches, and story flows sitting in my journals. Why can't I get them on paper? I can tell you, over analyzed and unfounded fear of failure and perfection.

My entire working career things I write either work or they don't. Writing doesn't follow the computer programming laws.

Time to turn the page.

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