Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Focus, Drive, Enthusiasm, Excitement - It's All About Your Art

I am a writer.

There I said it. I am a writer. Not a best-seller (yet), not even a regular poster of stories to a popular writing website but I still consider myself a writer. I write in this blog, my 'professional' tech blog, other blogs, stories, articles, documentation and an ever growing collection of fiction which is the one piece I want to expand on.

Forget about writing and apply this to any art, you won't get better unless you do it. You won't be great unless you love it. Skill alone won't get you where you need to go, the love of it, enthusiasm, internal drive, selfishness of success. Those are the things you need to break through. Naturally those things will bring focus without you even knowing it.

Why do some people play 15 hours of video games straight? Why do some play guitar until their fingers bleed? Why do writers type until their eyes dry out from the lack of blinking? It's not because they are working it's because they are doing something that they love. They don't care what people think. They expect to fail in order to learn and grow. They expect to work for greatness. Sulking and whining about the What-Ifs and opinions will get you to where you are already at... nowhere.

Art is freedom.

The first step is to call yourself an artist, because you are. Some will agree with you, some will not, and others will say you are far better than you give yourself credit for and they will probably be correct.

This is how you do it.

So as often as I have had false starts on jump starting getting my hobby writing out into the Geek To Author realm I think I have finally figured out that I wasn't doing the things I set out to do. I wasn't loving it. Over thinking it. Then I read some of these published authors and if they can get their art out there, I can because I know I am better than some of the stuff that's main stream. So why haven't I done it yet? Good question.

Write more.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting lots of self help entires that I have used over the past few months to get me going. Get the juices moving. Get me motivated and loving writing again.

Since I have hit a brick wall with my Perspectives project I have set a goal that I will write 3 or more short stories a week through the month of June. Short being a very loose term as I cannot write a short story. I am already thinking about extending my best story thus far that I have made public, Temporal Enforcers, to go into a back story and throw in more plot points I originally cut out to make it 7,000 words. I putz and tinker too much and that might be the other reason my writing is slow to get together.

I will crack it.

Time to turn the page.

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