Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Selfishness Is OK As Long As You Consider Others

You are a singular entity. Everything you do comes down to you. Whether you are a husband, father, employee, boss, owner, buyer or whatever eventually you are doing things for your own interest. It's OK to be selfish. Without selfishness there would be no incentive.

We are trying to sell ourselves, our ideas, our thoughts, our personalities to others everyday. It makes no difference what you do for a living, we are all salesmen. People maintain relationships with you because of you, not because of what you can provide. If your personality is toxic it won't matter if you can cure diseases people won't 'buy' you. People buy the person first, then the rest will follow.

However there is a limit to your selfishness, you can go overboard and turn selfishness into being selfcentered and therefore come off as unsympathetic to others. Thinking of others will pull the energy and thoughts away from yourself. Then you will operate with yourself in mind but not at the expense of others. This is the key to being successful in relationships, both business and personal.

No person is an island. If you have no interest whatsoever in the problems of others then in turn they will have no interest in you. In this age of social media the world people are becomming less and less considerate of other people's siutations or needs and instead just pushing selfish messages over and over again. We can cover millions but reach none of them where focusing on smaller, targeted groups and come out ahead in whatever you need.

Remember this - The feet you step on today may be connected to the butt you have to kiss tomorrow.

It's not all about you, if you walk around thinking it is... it will be.

Time to turn the page.

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