Thursday, April 17, 2014

Write Everyday - Through The Window Exercise

What’s out your window? 
Write about the weather, sky, buildings, treetops. Let your writing take you wherever, place and time. Write for 10 minutes.

For the next several posts, about 20 or so, the exercises are designed for the busy, career laden writer. 10 minutes is what's required but the longer the better. No planning, no thinking, no editing. Just write, let the mistakes flow, write as you think. The point of these exercises is to break your mind from analytical overthinking and let the subconscious creativity take over. 

My output for this exercise I wrote while I was working at home and in between meetings. I got about 15 minutes of silence and what I wrote started out to be what i saw out my office window but turned into having mysterious undertones of a single man who was in the middle of this suburban neighborhood surrounded by families. Working on something secret where during the day the streets were silent as everyone was at work, kids were at school, but soon they would all return to make noise. I think the character came from one of my neighbors who is just like that. A single guy, no one knows, someone that we rarely ever see, his house is always dark and everyone in the neighborhood is a young family. What is he doing here? Who could he be?

Anyway, that's where this exercise went for me. You let your mind take you on your own journey.

Time to turn the page.

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