Friday, May 18, 2012

What I Wrote This Week - 5/18/12

This week I focused on building the writing routine. When I would write, how I would write and set a session goal. Right now my writing goal is 1,000 whenever I sit down and write creatively, blog posts are not set to that limit for blogging reasons. So far so good.

It's getting easier to write fluidly in the first drafts and let go of the need for perfection out of the gate. That has always been the biggest obstacle ever since I tried to start writing fiction. My analytically trained mind is having a hard time letting go of the requirement of the having the complete picture first. I do have an outline of everything that I write and fill in the blanks as I flow.

My first short story, which is tentatively titled 'Temporal Enforcers', is close to being done and ready for editing and re-writes. This I am not looking forward to because I see a fight with my computer programmer in me to nit-pick every little detail and never finish messing with it. I read that Truman Capote's last book fell to his obsession of perfection and it never got completed. Being aware of this pitfall I will need to let it go and move on to the next series of stories which is what I am truly excited about to get done.

The weekend is upon us and tomorrow I will have the house to myself and plan to write. Once I finish 'Temporal Enforcers' I will take a step back and train for a little bit. I have lots of books on novel writing, techniques and motivational books. So far for the noob I have found the Write Great Fiction series the most helpful. I will be going through these

Read, write, read, read, read, practice writing. This is how you build your craft.

Time to turn the page...

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