Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I Wrote This Week - 5/25/12

This past week was a horrible week for writing focus. From unexpected house visitors that required additional attention, the long holiday weekend, and other work activities that spilled into the evening hours it was just full of obstacles. Obstacles that I didn't over come as planned. But it happens and knowing it happened and how to make sure it doesn't happen again is how you learn.

What I wrote was far and few between and things with not much substance. I got a few blog posts in and creatively it was exercises. I have Temporal Enforces sitting, ready to be edited which I plan to do this week.

I have a my annual walleye fishing trip coming up at the end of June and my goal is to have 2 to 3 more stories completed by the time I leave. Summer is upon us and time to buckle down and get a routine created before life takes the attention and motivation away.

I know, like every other writer out there, that everything does not work out as planned or intended. It's only the individual perseverance and focus to overcome the obstacles and Resistance (The War of Art) that matter. You can plan to write the greatest novel on the planet, but unless you are putting words on paper that plan is not worth much.

Time to turn the page...

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