Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writing Exercise - Approaching Storm

I got to the office and the sky looked ominous. So I thought I'd sit down and write about it. I just let it flow for 15 minutes with no rhyme or reason on where I was going with it just focusing on description and painting a background. This is unedited as I wrote it, just an exercise and an entry in my thought journal. Just a geek moving to being an author.

   Black ribbons stretched across the sky as the storm approached. Slowly marching closer was a destructive force that will be talked about for a generation. Townsfolk that hadn't taken the warnings serious were scrambling down Main street looking for any shop still open. Wood, nails, tarps, ammo, food all were cleared off the shelves weeks ago. Procrastination may be their final mistake. An event of myth and lore, not believed by the masses, yet feared by the elders was not about to hit the island world.
   No one is sure where the storm comes from. Travelers have said it appears from the heavens, others say it spews out of the acid sea. Once it forms it stays for years, disappearing with as little reason as its birth. Not for 10 generations has the storm crossed the shores, long enough to be forgotten and disbelieved. The emerald sky rolling over to a deathly black has everyone believing today.
   The air is still, quiet, not a sound to be heard. The normal rings of the ship's bells have ceased, the bustle of the markets silent, any sound of life of a neighbor to song bird is not heard. All eyes fixed on the waves of clouds about to crash on the small nation. 
   Legend talks about the calm before the storm, if the silence is a measure of what's to come then we may not survive the night.

Time to turn the page...

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