Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Writing Exercises - Hanging It All Out There

Should I or shouldn't I?
I created Geek To Author to layout my journey from a veteran IT security guru to fiction writer. Studying, exercises, stories, and the process in general to one day being published. One constant thing I keep seeing from writers is to get your writing out there to be read. Keeping it a secret for fear of being told it's crap is not an excuse and will never allow you to grow. Criticism, correction and direction is the only way we learn. Even Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golfers out there, still has a swing coach. Why? Because to stay on top of his game and correct little errors he may develop along the way. A coach is nothing more than a focused criticizer and direction setter. For writers those are the readers (not the 'professional' critics). Real readers with real feedback without the monetary gain behind taking the time to give their opinions about something.

As I was doing my daily writing I was looking at it and realizing that I have no idea if this is any good or not. If I am doing anything wrong, how I could make it better. So I will start to post  few exercises a few times a week. primarily these posts will be descriptive, dialogue and characteristic in nature. I won't post any plots points or planning around future works. Just the run of the mill writing with no real purpose other than the practice and work on the craft.

Maybe I will get more than 3 readers and get good feedback from time to time. :)

Time or turn the page...

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