Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fired Up

Back from a week of Walleye fishing in extreme northern Minnesota on beautiful Lake Kabetogama refreshed me. My dive into the world of creative writing started out good, but I quickly realized it's hard to swim with a snowmobile suit on. I didn't plan properly and prepare by putting on the proper gear for the task at hand. My mind wasn't in the right place organizationally, logically, and creatively.

I spent the last few weeks on less writing and more studying. Gathering up RSS feeds of blogs of authors, motivational writers, and other folks like myself that have succeeded and produced. I have paid attention to a repeating theme of success and realized I have not been doing that.

So as I sat in the boat, a line in the water, the hot sun on my shoulders a Bald Eagle landed at the top of a tree on a remote island near me. I sat and watched him for over 30 minutes. The great American Icon just sat there, observing his surroundings. It then hit me that he is focused on what he needs to do to succeed. He needs to find the fish, watch the sky, look for predators, protect the nest. He was planning! Planning things out is what I was missing.

I thought I could produce on the passion and the interest in writing. I was wrong. So, I have been working on a schedule. I will start planning out my week, day by day, and make slots to write, slots to read/study, slots to read casually, and slots to produce. It works in my day to day career, it will work for my new second job.

Getting away from all the technology, the job, the family, and sit in silence around nature the answers came. Nature knows more about life than us humans do sometimes. Nature has been around a lot longer than we have and has the simple things in life figured out. Have you ever seen a Red Tail Hawk crying to a Loon about how the Bald Eagles made them feel inadequate and emotionally stressed?

Time to turn the page.

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