Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things That Intrigue Me About Writing

As I read, study and write I do many self-help exercises that are designed to keep you in check. They get you to record your inner thoughts which I find to be helpful, an idea that stays in the deep recesses of your brain doesn't do anyone any good and that idea or thought will change over time or be lost. Record everything.

Going through my thought journal another one of those exercises was to create a quick fire list on 'Things That Intrigue Me About Writing'.

  • The process, planning, plotting, doing, editing, molding, creating, writing itself
  • The research involved
  • Paint a world from words
  • No rules but my own
  • End to End the writer is the creator and destroyer
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • The imagination is the source of it all
  • How words can be interpreted by the readers that are completely different from the author's intent
  • I am the boss
Again, a quick fire list, no structure, just raw thoughts. The more I study and research the process of writing, the more this list of things that intrigue me has grown from the first time I did this exercise. I found this list useful on a few occasions as I was researching articles and websites around quantum theory and was hitting a wall. In my list, I had that research intrigued me, and it does. I took a step back and approached it differently and found my inspiration not from the Internet but from Netflix documentaries from the History channel. Research is everywhere you can gain information.

Stay writing my friends.

Time to turn the page.

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