Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I Want To Write

I was going through and actually reading my thought journal. When I first started the interest in writing more than a hobby, I found an exercise that I recorded down and in the spirit of Geek To Author I thought I would share it.

This exercise, I think, should be done on a regular basis as I think the answers would evolve over time and as a gut check to see if you are on the right path to what you initially thought.

The exercise was to answer the question 'Why I Want To Write' and do it in a free form, quick fire, whatever your brain had at that moment get it out. The second part was to read that list you created and spend a little more thought and come up with Challenges in accomplishing the first list.

I initially did this over a year ago and it is off the cuff, so the list is written as such.

Why I Want To Write

  • Explore and expand my creative side, can do writing everywhere, I can't get out enough to expand photography (side note - I also am a photographer)
  • turn it into extra income
  • I want to see my name in print
  • I want to prove to myself I am good at it and can accomplish it
  • I feel I have good, original ideas that are different
  • I can do it anywhere, anytime
  • Distant dream to become very good at it to be able to quit IT and completely on my own for work and income
  • I love to read and feel I can write
  • Expand my world
  • success is all in my control
  • I haven't done it before
  • If Dan Brown can do it, so can I. Great ideas, bad writer.
  • My worlds, my rules.
  • Writing is a self discipline, hard to start and stick to a routine.
  • Analytical minds conflict with the free style creative process. Over thinking.
  • Hard to mentally grasps drafts that are not fully complete blueprints.
  • Mental Attitude.
  • Write everyday no matter what you write. No need for a plan just get words on paper. Stories, journals, make it routine.
These are the things that I get down long before I really started to focus on it. Before I started following other authors, even before I started up my first Twitter account I think. So far, I was dead on accurate for the Challenges and I could add many more to that list.

I guess my point is it's healthy to get these types of things out and recorded. Hindsight is always 20/20 and you can lose sight on why you started a new journey and forget where you are going. Having it down where you can't ignore it is a useful tool. Listen to yourself, record everything you can.

Time to turn the page.

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