Monday, August 13, 2012

What I Am Writing - Devil's Nest

Balancing life, work, raising children, being a husband, and working on writing is a task. Through cutting out non-productive habits, scheduling, and using my desire and passion as fuel I am making it work. It's going slower than I wish but I am making progress and that's all that matters. Over time, speed will increase as I craft my new skills.

I have finished my next short story called The Devil's Nest and it feels great. Like I said prior, I am going to try a new approach and instead of focusing on one story until it's 100% complete I am going to finish a draft and move on to my next draft before I edit. Then I can sit on the complete story, let it stew, and continue working forward.

I was at Half-Priced books over the weekend and picked up a book on editing called Line by Line: How To Edit Your Own Writing. I will go through that and see if I can get new and better ways to edit going forward.   Even though I am not producing as much as I would like, the research, leaning and building my knowledge about the craft is just as satisfying as putting the last word on a piece of work on paper.


Time to turn the page.

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