Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Wrote This Week

It's been a while since I updated on what I am working on. I found that the repeated posts was boring and uninteresting, but I want to keep updating showing that I am actually focusing on this new craft of mine.

After I finished up Temporal Enforcers I turned my attention to journalism. Writing it writing no matter what and where it is, so I kept up to date on my journals, yes I have a few for different reasons and different audiences.

I have been working on my next short story, The Devil's Nest, which is about a prison escape. It's a little more violent and dark, but I promise if I can build the ending correctly it will be worth it. I wanted that story to be shorter than the others I have done but as I get going I write outside my outlines and I am over 4,000 words at this point with another 1,000 to go in the draft. Then the editing will start. This time I am going to try something different with the editing process. Instead of leaving it and coming back to in in a week or two and not starting something new in between, I am  going to write my next story I have in the hopper and when that first draft is done, go back and edit The Devil's Nest.

That way I can stay ahead and keep writing, but not get too far ahead and never come back to it. I will call this process Leapfrog editing. Finish a draft, finish a second draft, go back and finalize the first, jump over and write a new draft, go back and edit, hopping along. Never having more than 1 raw draft sitting there but not stop writing just to edit. Of course you need to have a full and growing though journal to have a queue of stories you want to get out.

We'll see how it works. Like anything it may work for some but not for others. Trial and error... you don't figure out the one way to write a novel you figure out 200 ways not to write a novel.

Time to turn the page.

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