Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NaNoWriMo Coming Quick

I spent the better part of the evening reading throughout he forums and setting up my profile on the National Novel Writing Month's website and I am getting excited and a little scared to what I signed up for.

50,000 words in 30 days and I have a loose sketch of what I am going to write. Over the next few days I need to get my layout more solid and  don't forget to expand that as I write otherwise I may hit a brick wall.

Perspectives is going to a fun project if I can pull it off. However, the unique design to the story layout makes planning harder for me as each section needs to be unique enough to stand alone yet have a unique piece of the puzzle itself but not too big of a piece to give away the ending.

I am all about twists, taking the reader on an assumed path then take a sharp left then a right they didn't expect. I hate it when I figure out what's going to happen halfway through only because the book follows a specific formula of story structure and flow. I love books that I step back and go, 'I didn't see that coming!'. Richard Matheson was the king of the twist, unexpected and unique flows. I haven't found an author that has come close to the story structure of the sci-fi writers of old.

I hope I can capture a fraction of an ounce of talent of those I so admire. Sticking to November Novel Writing Month will be a test for my true desire for writing.

Time to turn the page.

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