Thursday, October 17, 2013

Re-Editing Already "Published" Stories

I have written several short stories, some that I have put out to the public on various sites. In the complete redesign of my approach to writing I am pulling these back out and re-looking at them. As I re-read them and from what I have learned and how I have 'grown' over the last year of writing I am see that those stories really need some work. I am a fiddler by nature, always tweaking, improving, adjusting. With writing you need to get to a point and let it go and move on, but not when the stories are fundamentally flawed in the English language. I am not adjusting the story itself but working on improving sentence structure, expanding details, clarifying explanations, improving dialogue flows.

The two stories I am putting my effort into are Temporal Enforcers and The Devil's Nest. The two stories thus far I am most proud of. Even thought they are my first true short stories of any length. There are two problems I have with both, the first was that they were written for a site with a hard word limit and I cut corners to get the word count down. The second is that I never had anyone else look at them with an editing mindset. The feedback I have received from them is more about the story structure and plot points than how it's written. I am going to go back and fix them.

With Temporal Enforcers this may grow into a nice novella project. The main feedback I received on this one was to get more background with the old man and younger apprentice. How did they get to where they are? I touched on it, but there is more to it in my mind but cut it out for length. No rules but my own, right?

In The Devil's Nest I lied earlier. I will be changing the plot a tad bit. It needs to be expanded and I need to go through an exercise of setting description of painting the Nest more vividly. Secondly, I need to alter the fight scene in the prison. I foreshadowed too much to not have the ending twist be as strong as I intended. I will be doing that as well.

Then I will be done and let those children go. I want to get back working on my Perspectives project, I have another short I have planned up called The Murder Of Mr. Tipton, and continue planning a novel length story.

Plan, plan, plan, write, write, write.

Time to turn the page.

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