Friday, October 25, 2013

Perspectives Project

My big project I have been slowly working on is called Perspectives. It's a collection of novellas / short stories focused around a single event but from different perspectives. The idea being is that you will get novel size depth and development but in stand alone novellas tailored for the new ebook, short time reading people do.

Each story has a piece of the puzzle but do not rely on them to build within themselves. Only the last story pulls everything together to reveal the climax and the conclusion. Different approach to it but as a writer trying to write, the novel is the goal, then several. Short stories are great but they are a skill to master that is completely different from novel writing. So I thought why not combine them both?

I have the first story done, but needs to be edited badly. The next one I am going to tackle is called Family Values or Family Time. I am not sure on the title but it revolves around a young family, 2 kids under 5, innocent, naive to the world and the disaster crashing down around them.

There may be 7-9 stories of about 30 pages each. That should make for a novel length read yet broken up into non-sequential, non-connected stories that can be read easily on the bus or in bed at your leisure. Then the reader, the casual reader, doesn't feel obligated to commit so much time into novel where you have to keep the story in your head and the longer the gaps are between reading sessions the easier it is to forget sub-plots, side characters, or even what is happening at that moment. With perspectives you are enthralled into a short burst and can read them in any order.

That's the idea anyway. We'll see how it starts to pan out as I write them. The first overall Perspective I am calling The Emerald Event. But you can apply this approach to any topic.

Time to turn the page.

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