Sunday, November 3, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Day three of my work toward the National Novel Writing Month and I am cruising along. I think I beginning to breakthrough my barriers, letting the words flow without hesitation and its working.

Today, in between life, I got in approximately 1,500 words and those were the most effortless 1,500 I have ever written. The ideas were formed, dreamt about, visualized throughout the day and I just put it on paper. Draft form of course but the meat is there.

I am going to start posting my NaNoWriMo stats throughout this processes. Being an IT guy I am also a data nerd. Stats, charts, colors, graphs, trends, it all is cool.

So far my work has been, aside from the first day, 1 hour chunks and I get about 1,500 words in... if I know exactly what I am going to write. So in order for me to keep this going I need to finish my outlines and find more, larger chunks of time to get it all down.

For the first time I am beginning to feel like a real writer. If my novel sucks at the end is really subjective to the reader and I won't care. I will be able to say here it is, my novel. What did you do last month?

Time to turn the page.

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