Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Day 2, Nov. 2nd, of the National Novel Writing Month and I got another good session in. Not great, but good. After the burst out of the gate with about 4,100 words yesterday I got 790 words in today. At this pace I am above average to finish on time, which is good. I could have kept going but I started to hit a block and stopped to address my flow and sketch out the rest of the chapter/sub-plot I was working on. Now I am confident I can get it done and crank out another 3,000 words from just what I have tee'd up.

Finally I am getting into the groove. No excuses, just go. Today I almost skipped it but chose not to. Remember, Geek To Author is not a spring chicken. I am married with a family, that's set to grow by one more in a month, a house, dog, and weekends are when the chores tend to happen. Even though I didn't get my target 1,600 words done, 790 is more than 0.

Here's what I did today to put things into perspective that finding time to write is all up to the author and it can be done.

  • Morning dentist appointment for the boy
  • Trip to the store to get batteries and other stuff
  • Replaced all the batteries in the smoke/CO detectors (always do at Daylight Savings time)
  • Took down the Halloween decorations and stored them
  • Replaced a few lightbulbs around the house
  • Put together a new changing table for the incoming baby
  • Refilled a propane tank
  • Home brewed a batch of beer, my yeast was reaching its end life 
  • Made dinner
  • Sword fight/wrestling match with the boy
  • Put the boy to bed
Yo may be thinking, that's a lot! An 8+ month pregnant woman isn't up to much high activity.

It's not like I had or have big chunks of time to crank out solid, quality words. But I did it. To prepare for daylight savings and get the young boy to stay in bed past 6am, with losing an hour 6am will be 5 am tomorrow, we tried to keep him up later. So as a treat we headed to our bedroom and we watched old school Simpsons. Only I wrote with my iPad, wireless keyboard and iA Writer app. That probably was why I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, distractions, but I still wrote 790 words of a story inside of an hour.

After he passed out and I put him in his room I came down to my office, polished up the last thoughts, laid out the rest of the section and called it a night. 

I write a quick blog post and call it good. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Now I can relax a bit.

Time to turn the page.

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