Monday, December 2, 2013

Post NaNoWriMo Writing

Now that the decompression of the NaNoWriMo is starting to wear off I am beginning to think about what's next. I have 50,069 words written toward an idea that I had that was sketched out on 3 of 4 pages of a notebook. That in itself is amazing to me that I got that far. The task in front of me now is where to go next, do I continue on this journey with The Emerald Event or do I go finish the short stories and come back to the novel?

I think I will go back to stories I wrote before and tune them up. After working for a month and doing more creative writing than I ever have in the past I learned quite a bit on who I am as a writer. I am better than I give myself credit for because I know that I suck and need to improve, but I can only improve through writing more.

The Emerald Events needs lots of plot work to find the preverbal 'rug that ties the room together'.

Either way my goal is to complete, edit, find someone to edit, and ebook publish The Emerald Event before the next NaNoWriMo. If I get a dozen or so more short stories/novellas written as well I'll put together a collection of those as well.

It is a good time right now, I have my second child set to arrive any time, I just completed a novel writing challenge/competition where over 300,000 joined but only 40,000 completed it. That's amazing to me.

Time to keep going.
Time to turn the page.

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