Monday, May 14, 2012

Staying Focused On You Art And Life

I started Geek To Author to do just that, try to become an author. Get something published. Expand my creative juices into a realm that I have had success in my career, writing. As I really started to focus on this craft I have finally realized that it's extremely difficult. You can study, read, prepare, journal all you want but until you sit down and actually form words to get on paper you are not writing.

Writing is like any other art form, you need to work on it, you need to tweak it, but more importantly you need to do it. On the side I am a photographer as well and I have been doing that as a hobby for as long as I can remember, my father is a photographer as well. Unless you have the camera in your hand pointing at a subject you are not a photographer and never will be. If you are not putting words on paper, you are not a writer.

How do you stay focused when all the other aspects of your life are vying for your time? Somethings have to be cut back or out. Unfortunately the human body requires nourishment and rest, again taking time away from all the things we want to do. This is where internal prioritization takes over and where excuses are born. Focus takes work and it's difficult. Believe me. If you change your viewpoint about it the act of not working on your craft is quite silly for the alternative activity you chose to do.

Reverting to the path of least resistance is what nature teaches us. Nature is lazy. Water flows downhill. There are no triangle bubbles. Lightning takes the easiest route it can. Just because nature does it the easy way doesn't mean you need to.

Everyone has the ability to focus. If you are not focusing on your dream of publishing a novel you are focusing on the easier task of watching the latest reality show sipping on a cocktail. Regardless of the outcome of those activities they all take focus. Where are you putting it?

Each person's inner struggle with prioritization makes or breaks a work of art. If it's important to you the time to focus on it will be found. If you don't believe me have a child. You work of are is a creation from you, care for it like one of your children, support it, help it grow from a glimmer in your eye to a wonderful feat of accomplishment.

This is my current challenge, prioritization. I know the more I do it the easier it will be to push the easy activities away. Getting into the scheduled routine of writing will seem less like work and more like a part of my life. I know deep down I have what it takes to be successful and no one will tell me any different. Like every artist or career professional it's up to the individual to apply themselves to get it done.

Time to turn the page...

P.S. - The random photography that appear to have no contextual meaning to this blog post are samples of my work.

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