Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What I Wrote Today - 5/1/12

To kick off the chain, here we go.

What I wrote today posts will contain only events where I put words on paper in a creative for non-work, non-obligatory reason. No memos, reports, filling out forms at home, writing checks or anything like that. Only straight from the mind, creative or personal manner. Just writing to write.

Today I put together the first posts for this blog, Geek to Author. Nothing about the subject writing per se yet but the first of many personal introductions from me to the world. Even if the only thing I write about in a day will be this post, then it is writing. As a personal exercise I wil try to make is as verbally diverse as I can.

I also have a personal journal that I wrote an entry for. It's an old style pen and notebook. I used to journal electronically but I found it too impersonal when I re-read it. It may also could be that I am on a keyboard all day and typing a journal out was too much. There is something more real about writing inner thoughts out on paper in the same book. It's important to be able to flip back in time with a book to feel the emotions by the way the handwriting lays on the paper. Technology is a wonderful amazing thing, the trade is that it's making us more impersonal. I feel we are losing some of our humanity and attachment to sentimental things. Digital records are easier yet the more information we store it seems the less we know about a person.

Time to turn the page...

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