Friday, January 24, 2014

I Blog To Update Not To Create A Diary

My blog has always been to chronicle a journey of a middle aged guy, sick and tired of BS from the American Corporate world, work toward honing his creative craft of fiction writing. For a long time I have struggled with this blog and figuring out how much to write and what to write about. Do I post every time I have an idea? Do I update when I get 1,500 words written in a day? What's interesting, what's boring, and what's coming across as egocentric?

Since the NaNoWriMo my second child was born so that has been the focus of a majority of my time and the drain on my energy to keep up the pace that I did during the NaNoWriMo. I have a 50,000 word draft of a novel sitting in my Scrivener binder ready to be continued. I am working on finishing another short story called Chance Encounter, actually I will finish it today.

I am writing more and more I am just not blogging about it as much. The main reason is that blogging takes time, time that I could be spending writing. Blog writing is very different than fiction writing and I want to craft the latter. Blogging is just a nice way to stay connected to whatever regular readers are curious enough to read my posts.

During the NaNoWriMo there was a website that I was introduced to called Wattpad. If you are a serious writing either by hobby or trade you are probably familiar with it. Instead of sharing my stories on my own blog I will be using Wattpad to share to the community. There are a few other writing websites that attempt to do the same thing but not as nearly as popular and I will be pulling out of those and going all in with Wattpad. Here's a link to my profile.

My resolution in 2014 was the year of productivity. A new baby in the house makes that more challenging but not impossible. I am using my disgust and frustration of the bureaucratic BS of the world I built my career around as fuel to build worlds and tell stories my way without someone who thinks they know better to suggest it's done this way.

Stay tuned, I will be updating well thought out constructive posts from now on rather than posting for the sake of posting. At least one a week for the rest of the year, maybe more if the week has activity.

Time to turn the page.

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