Friday, May 4, 2012

What I Wrote Today - 5/4/12

Today I wrote a synopsis for 3 of the stories in my Perspectives project and finalized ideas for the other 6-7. I know what each of the story will consist of before I write the summary, but when I was writing them the story themselves evolved and changed slightly. For example, in one of the stories I had the point of view be from a single individual, yet as I wrote the summary for that story I realized that for the story's core it didn't fit to present it that way, at least not one that my inexperienced skills knew how to... yet.

The story's flow will still be the same, but the dialogue, action flow, and other elements now need to get written up differently and with an altered attitude toward the task at hand in the story. See, the exercises do work.

A bust weekend is coming up and I need to find some time to get something written, most likely in the thought journal I don't think I'll finish Temporal Enforcers like I had planned. Can't break the chain!

Time to turn the page...

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