Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Greetings From The Geek

Lots has happened since I started up this side persona of the Geek to Author. Life happened as we were blessed with another child set to arrive at the end of the year. Work happened. Healthy focused lifestyle happened. Writing as much as I wanted to and what I wanted to write did not.

I was re-reading this blog and saw more posts about excuses and false starts than productive posts about my writing and things learned along the way. I still desire to write, I don't know why it appeals to me. I love to read and what I have wrote I thinks is pretty good. Putting it together in a routine of practice and getting out of this mind set that everything I write must be published is hard.

A writer writes, always. I am not. I am, but not everyday and not fiction. Even this blog has inadvertently turned into a blah blah post about something worthy instead of a blog or journal of the transition of an 20 year veteran IT Geek to an author. My claim to say that I officially am an author is to make 1 sale of an ebook in Amazon (to a complete stranger). That's my goal. Then I can say I did that, if it gets more great, if someone spends time to rate it, good or bad, even better.

Another mistake I have made is trying to get more exposure first with little substance of stories or works to put behind it. I am a mamber of several writing sites, lists, boards. I get daily stories to read that I never get around to, tips everyday, podcasts, and the more time I spend reading those topics I am not spending on writing something. Even if it's a short narrative of what I see outside my office window at a random time during the day, at least it's writing. Who knows, that small idea may spawn into the next big seller.

You will see more posts from me, I promise. More personal posts and less me trying to be a news source of canned inspirational posts, reposts or links to another site. I will if I stumble across something that I find very useful but no more of that stuff just to get a post done.

The Geek will become an author and I want to take you with me.

More to come, I promise.

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