Monday, November 11, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Day 11

I made up for my gap yesterday, 2,707 words today. I wrote when I could in my short work gaps, I got home a little early and between starting dinner for the family and the family getting home I got in about 20 minutes of work and I have been writing continuously for almost 3 hours tonight. Pretty good.

The section I am writing is all planned out and it's just getting the filler in. I hope to get up early tomorrow morning, 5am, and write for an hour or more to get the day going and finish up this section I am on tomorrow night.

Planning out the next sections of my novel will be tough because I am creating new plot lines and angles that only came about during my writing. Those ideas are evolutions of the original, going beyond what I conceived in my journals, and I think that they are making the story better. Write, write, write and magical things can happen.

I will be sticking to my writing routine this week. I have a 1/2 day off on Thursday where I plan to use at least 3 hours of writing to really get a good lead on my pace to complete this month.

NaNoWriMo is awesome BTW.

Your Average Per Day
Words Written Today
Target Word Count
Target Average Words Per Day
Total Words Written
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At This Rate You Will Finish On
November 30, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time

Time to turn the page.

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