Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Day 8

Continuing to write every day, today I hit 1,636 words. Right on average but not what my goal was today, but still a bunch.

Originally I planned to take my 1/2 day off work and write for a majority of the afternoon but plans changed. I had a lunch meeting with a colleague, had to do some errands, then decided to hit the gym. So instead of 3 hours of writing I set for one hard 1 hour.

However, as I am writing this section I am realizing it's total crap. But that's what happens sometimes. My plot twist isn't twisting as cleanly as I had thought it out. It's a draft, it's a mess, I am still refining my craft and in the editing process over the next several months I plan to study and work on my dialogue and description of settings. Plot I got down, the filler to paint the picture is where I need work. No matter how junky it is I will push forward and get it done then move on.

Write, write, write. If... no, when I complete the NaNoWriMo goal I may never publish the novel. I will be able to say that i did complete it though which is more than most who start to write can say. I am learning tons about this process and myself and I am only 8 days into it.

It's a new kind of work for me but I can say that I have finally broken out of the over analytical, worry about every word phase of my writing. Just write and worry about cleaning it up later. every now and then there are a few lines that come out that are jewels, ideas and compositions I never knew I could create. Practice makes perfect and writers can be trained.

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Time to turn the page.

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