Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top 5 Negative Things You Need To Tell Your Self About Your Writing

This post may not be for everyone. This is the post that everyone know to be true but most won't have the courage to do these steps that may help you crack through any personal obstacles keeping you from your art. If you are like me and over analyze everything in life you will end up in a tailspin of excuses, alternatives, and self imposed obstacles that prevents you from working on your creative arts.

You can browse all over this expansive Internet and find thousands of happy, inspirational words of wisdom that may give you a short burst of motivation but will not equip you from facing your true demons. I say flip it around and tackle them head on and use these as your fuel to prove others and more importantly yourself wrong. We learn from our mistakes and nothing is more satisfying than accomplishing something when others didn't think you could.

Here's a list of the Top 5 Negative Things You Need To Tell Yourself About Your Writing.

1) My work sucks.
    Absolutely true statement when you start out. If you think otherwise then when criticism comes your way it will crush you and demotivate you with such a lethal blow you will stop trying. Accept that your work sucks, laugh at it, accept it. When you know you suck you will strive harder to not suck, take criticism and use it in your next piece, practice while consciously keeping the reasons you suck in your mind to improve on.
    My 4 year old may be the next great artist, but if you look at his work he is doing now you would say no way.

2) Someone hates me.
    The Internet is a place of great support but you will come in contact with more negative people that are against you. Not everyone will like your work and that's OK because they don't have to. They hate you because they are jealous, complain for a living, not into your genre, or they are insane. But people will hate you and any reviews you get will show that. Ignore them and focus on the ones that like you. If you have time then pay attention to the haters and find out why, maybe you can fix it by improving on the work, or just toss them aside as naysayers that will never like you.

3) I will never get published. 
    Eventually, if you work hard enough, you may. If you pay for it all yourself you will for sure. But chances are your work that you think it wonderful will never get picked up for a press run. See #1 and #2. Accept it. It's not easy. So figure out what you need to do to break this and you will. Nothing will fall into your lap, working on getting your writing out is more involved than the work put into the writing.

4) I have no idea what I am doing.
   There are hundreds of writers out there that are 'professionally' trained, have degrees, and can't get a novel out. Then there are others that have no writing training and get a New York Times Best Seller. You can be trained on the style of writing, putting words togethers, but there is an art to the story. There are no rules, no laws you need to follow, no equation to a good story. Some work, some don't. Don't try to stick to a formula, let your mind release, realize that you are the artist. The more you write the more you will figure out how to do it your way. Teachers give guidance based on their way which may not work for you or your stories. So why try?

5) I'll never be any good.
   Unless you write, practice, get critiqued, accept #1 through #4 you will never allow yourself to grow because you will never start to begin with.

Time to turn the page.

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