Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Day 13

Day 13, almost half way and I am almost to the half way mark for the word count. 22,161 in the books. Not bad considering I am not a full-time writer (yet) and only have a less than 2 hour slice each day to write.

Today I tried and tried to get words to paper. I thought I had a gap, I wasn't bothered all day and yet at that moment when I was focusing people were at my cube. Work and work takes priority and writing has to be fit in around family duties. But so far I am making it work. I have the rest of this section sketched out and easily can get another 3,000 words on this one alone and I have 3 or 4 more sections to do. Averaging 6,000 words a section I'll cover it.

Tomorrow I am taking the afternoon off and plan to write as much as I can and that will be the first big session to make up the gap. Ideally I want to hit my 50,000 goal by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the remainder of the month in glory.... and to get a buffer before my second child arrive which could be within a month's time. Another motivator to get more done.

Although I am writing tons I am stopping myself to not write for the sake of quantity but try to keep a quality aspect to it. I see some NaNoWriMo pep emails to say just write, no matter what, no matter if it makes sense. I honestly find that cheap. Sure I could do that but the draft then is a wild pile of words and less cohesive. Your though journals and plans are where you mind crap junk out. Your draft is at least an area where you throw a story and see what parts stick and where the gaps are.

22,161 words all have a purpose in the story and nothing I have is for the sake of meeting a daily quota. But 50,000 is 50,000 and that's a triumph but isn't it more of one if it could all be used in some manner and not to be removed because it was gibberish?

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Time to turn the page.

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