Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Day 14 - Life Happens.

Son of a ! My little adventure with the NaNoWriMo is getting comedic. I had the afternoon off from the office, I had planned to spend the afternoon writing and get a big chunk done. Guess what, it didn't happen. Life stepped in once again.

I had lunch with my beautiful wife, planned and enjoyable. However, on the way I was reminded to call for service on my furnace unit which is acting up. I called the company to make an appointment and past experience is that it's a few days to get on their schedule and a guy out to look at it. My furnace was working, warming, but just not acting properly.

Hey, my lucky day they could send a guy out to the house this afternoon, in 30 minutes actually. POOF! There goes my writing. Instead I spend it will the technician figuring out what's going on.


Then the child comes home, dinner, bedtime ritual, nighttime. I did get 1,600 words out to at least keep the average going but didn't make any progress to get done earlier.

Funny day.

Your Average Per Day
Words Written Today
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Target Average Words Per Day
Total Words Written
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At This Rate You Will Finish On
November 30, 2013
Words Per Day To Finish On Time

Time to turn the page.

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